Satisfaction starts with yourself

We have decided to work independently, to take responsibility for ourselves and the local communities we live and work in. We are united by our enthusiasm for travelling, our curiosity to get to know other people, and learn about other cultures and customs. Together we strive for the freedom to synchronize our work lives with a global lifestyle of travel and discovery, now and in the future. And we want to share this freedom with you.

Team Cuckoo at the Coworking Space St. Oberholz in Berlin

How do we want to work in the future?

This was the first question we asked when we started the Cuckoo project. We realized that many of today's working environments are a far cry from our wishes and ideas. Too often our work cultures dictate when we travel, when we can meet friends or even when we start a family. We are convinced that there’s a better way to organize work that combines both: success and self-determination. And does everything have to be about work all the time?

Join us!

We mean this quite literally: We offer you opportunities to combine travel and work conveniently and comfortably. With us you will awaken your curiosity, meet like-minded people from all over the world, become immersed in local communities and learn something new every day. Best of all, you will make friends for life.

But we also see ourselves on a journey with Cuckoo whose destination is not fixed from the beginning. We would like to work together with many other interested parties on the future of work and share our experiences. Are you with us?

Open, packed case on a chair