Working remotely has never been easier

Do you have a digital ability to do your work from anywhere anytime while sitting in a coworking space already and enjoying your professional freedom as a freelancer or entrepreneur? Then it might be interesting for you to work temporarily in another city for a few days or weeks, expand your personal network and gain an unforgettable travel experience. Cuckoo is your professional companion.

Travelling with cuckoo, laptop and suitcase

Your benefits with Cuckoo

  • Arrangement of a private room & access to a Coworking Space round the corner
  • Local ambassador, one contact for all your questions
  • Exchange with founders and freelancers, expand your network
  • Networking with the local startup scene, participation in workshops

The Cuckoo Community

Cuckoo gives you the opportunity to take a journey without sacrificing your job. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or permanent employee, we team you up with a small group of like-minded professionals to explore some of the most exciting places around the globe. We’ll ensure that your experience is not only a personal one, but also provides you with the tools you’ll need to grow professionally.

At Cuckoo we not only handle your private accommodations and connect you with a well-equipped coworking space but also ensure you’ll be able to dive into the local start-up scene. Our local ambassadors make you feel right at home from day one.

Typing on laptop, Cuckoo website on screen